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Serbian, Bosnian and/or Macedonian food in northern New Jersey

Ponch | May 12, 2012 07:52 PM

If you’re looking for Serbian, Bosnian and/or Macedonian food in northern New Jersey (Bergen County NJ), well have I got a place for you. Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia are three of the states of the former Yugoslavia.

This little shop (Shop Express) located at 27 Belmont Ave. Garfield, NJ will absolutely blow you away. It is family owned and run and is open, 8 to 8, Monday thru Saturday. They serve a variety of home cooked foods, as well as pre-packaged goods.

They have a couple of tables so you can eat in, or you can get anything to go. They have specials during the week, on Monday it’s Musaka (Moussaka; a Greek meat and eggplant casserole, but this Yugoslav variation is made with meat and potatoes instead), Tuesday it’s Punjene Paprike (Polnati Piperki; stuffed peppers), Wednesday it’s Selsko Meso (beef stew with mushrooms), Thursday it’s Sarma (stuffed cabbage), and on Friday it’s Pasulj (Tavce Gravce, Grav; bean soup with or without smoked meat), and are available on a first come, first served basis.

They also have items which they serve daily, such as Cevapi (Kebapi; Cevapcici; grilled minced meat kebab, grilled or raw for the BBQ), Pljeskavica (Pleskavica; beef patty), Sarska Pljeskavica (Sharska; beef patty with cheese), Makedonska Pljeskavica (Makedonka; beef patty with ham and cheese), Pileci stek (pileski stek; grilled chicken), Raznici (chicken or pork shishkabob), Karmenadla (Kremenadla; pork chop), Vesalica (grilled strips of pork loin), Uvijaci (grilled chicken or pork wrapped in bacon), Burek and Banicka (phyllo dough cheese or meat pie), Kifle (Kifli; soft bread sticks), Ruska Salata (Russian salad), Yugoslav Yogurt, Domaca Kobasica (smoked sausage), Suvi Vrat (smoked pork neck), Rebra (smoked ribs), Slanina (smoked slab bacon), various Cheeses (Sireve), Kajmak (similar to sour cream), and Sopska salata (tomato, cucumber and onion salad).

I just found out about this place, and I’ve been going back every day just to try all the specials, of which I have yet to find one I don’t love (just like mom used to make).
Here is a link to a YouTube video (which I have no association with) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_9aCE...

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