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Selecting a new range

Kurth12 | Jun 15, 201212:03 PM

This is a cross-post from gardenweb. I thought the folks over here might have some thoughts:

Just bought a new home requiring a complete kitchen renovation. I'm trying to pick a gas range. Any thoughts on the choices below would be very much appreciated!

1. Dual fuel or all gas? My current range is dual fuel, and I understand it has some benefits, but it seems my options for ranges are greatly reduced if I go that route. For instance, I was interested in Capital, but I don't see a dual fuel option from them.

2. The importance of sealed/open burners? I hear a lot about the ease of cleaning on the sealed burners and equally enthusiastic reviews of the power and efficiency of the open burners. What say you?

3. Self-clean ovens? My current range has a self-cleaning oven, but I've honestly never used it, and believe me, the oven gets used. I just haven't ever encountered a mess in there that couldn't get cleaned up pretty quickly with a sponge and some water. Convince me I need a self-cleaning oven!

4. Griddle or Grill or extra burners? I'm considering a 36" range for the extra oven space. If I do that, I'd like to get a grill on top, but I've heard from many people that grilling indoors is a disaster. Grease everywhere. Smoke. Hard to clean. Is this true? Even if you have proper venting? Even if most of your grilling is limited to seafood and vegetables? If not a grill, is the griddle a good bet or should I just go with extra burners? If you have a griddle, how often and how do you use it?

5. I know this is a can of worms, but what brands do you prefer? I've been looking at Capital, American Range, Wolf and DCS (Fisher Paykel). I liked BlueStar, but my wife killed that option based on aesthetics. What about Electrolux and Kitchen-Aid? I've heard good things about those. Also, I read the Consumer Reports reviews of most of the ranges I've been looking at, and CR pretty much panned them all. What gives?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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