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Seeking a Slippery Skillet for Eggs on Commercial Induction Cooktops

NoSleepTilBrooklyn | Jan 18, 2016 03:49 PM

Since moving to LA from NYC, where I took ubiquitous high-power gas ranges for granted (gas just comes out of the ground here, not out of your stove--boo) we've gone over to commercial portable induction cooktops. I have 2 "Mr. Inductions" and an Update. We love them, and if I ever have the chance to spec my own custom kitchen I'll definitely have an induction range. I have an assortment of cookware I use daily, including several much loved cast iron skillets that have been in the family for generations, and I'm well versed in what I can and can't do with them on my specific cooktops. The main limitation of these burners is the diameter of the coil, which doesn't heat the outer edges of large pans well unless they have great conductive properties. (The up-side is I can grab a cast iron skillet barehanded most of the time--lol)

I am obsessed with preparing eggs for my wife every morning, though. Her favorites styles are very delicate scrambled eggs with crumbled cheese, baveusse over-medium, and silky tamagoyaki omelettes. None of these are happening on any of my cast-irons. My weapon of choice until recently was--wait for it--a Giadda branded skillet I got at Target before our movers arrived that only cost around $30, if I recall. It performed beautifully on the induction burner--much better than a few All-Clads and Cuisinarts I tried but ended up returning. After 3 years of daily use, though, the coating started to fail, so it's time to move on.

I've considered ScanPan, but I'd love to avoid PTFE and other hazardous compounds if possible. I don't know anything about the other ceramic technologies. I'm open to carbon steel, but the pans I've seen in person either look like they would be too thin to have much heat potential on induction, or they are wrist breakers.

I've read many of the threads here, but I'd love to know anyone's personal experiences and suggestions. Also, if anyone knows where to get a good induction square tamagoyaki pan, do tell. I know most people in Japan use induction now, they call it "IH," so this must exist, but I haven't been able to find a good one in the US. Thanks!

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