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Seeking the basis of an "Ultimate Margarita"


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Seeking the basis of an "Ultimate Margarita"

TombstoneShadow | Aug 10, 2013 10:01 PM

So I began this search with two blind tastings of Triple Sec (/ orange liqueur), which frankly is more important to the quality of the margarita than the tequila is:

SO, Gran Gala and DeKuyper 03 are the winners of the Triple Sec taste-off to this point.

NOW, I make 4 margaritas, 2 w/ Gran Gala, and 2 w/ DeK 03. One of each is Patron silver only, the other is half Patron silver, half Patron Reposado. Not that I'm a big fan of Patron tequila, but it's at least "okay". I will admit to frankly thinking that all tequila is sort of vile, just a question of how vile... but it does bring that tart edge to the drink, and I love a good margarita of any kind.

These 4 drinks were prepared with 1 part triple sec to 2 parts tequila, plus 60 drops of fresh lime juice, which equates to about half a part. Initially NO "sweetening" agent was added. Later Agave nectar was added to the "winner", again about half a part.

SO, here are the blind tasting notes:
1: Under-developed flavors… nothing really stands out… kind of blandish

2: Definitely tarter, more interesting than 1, but still not quite there

3: Bright. Good beginning, best of 3 so far

4: Didn't like it as much as 3

Now to reveal the drinks:
1: Gran Gala and half reposado, half silver Patron
2: Gran Gala and silver Patron
3: DeKuyper O3 and silver Patron
4: DeKuyper O3 and half reposado, half silver Patron.

The clear winner above was #3 for my palate. Very balanced... I would recommend STARTING with this combination, then increasing the tequila if you like it more tart, or increasing the Orange or Lime to dial them up.

Lastly, I added about a half part of Agave Nectar to #3 and that was a real nice addition... just really rounds out the drink. Not sure what my final part ratios will be, but this is an incredible combo to start from:

Pure 100% blue agave tequila
DeKuyper O3 triple sec (NOT the regular DeK !!!)
Agave nectar
Fresh squeezed lime juice.

Give it a try and see what you think.

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