Seder menus, What are you serving?


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Seder menus, What are you serving?

AdinaA | Apr 14, 2011 08:54 AM

What are you serving?

A post on another thread made me want to ask. Ilenem wrote:

My seder meals are pretty traditional. Gefilte fish, chicken soup with matzah balls. This year I'm making corned beef and cabbage as a main for the first night. Brisket and Turkey for the 2nd night (bigger crowd)

By Ilenem on Apr 14, 2011

For my part, I like to amuse. Especially on the first night. They do want their matzo ball soup, so I start with that but I don't do a fish course. Chocolate mousse for dessert. The amusement I'm planning this year is goose eggs. they are enormous. And tiny birds for the main course. Game hens. In a cinnamon honey sauce With asparagus, and plantains mashed with citrus.

The second night will be lamb stew with Moroccan spicing, served over quinoa. And chicken eggs, but not plain hard-cooked, I'll do huevos haminados.

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