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Windy | Apr 8, 2006 04:54 PM

I was over in Hayes Valley the other night and stopped in at Sebo.
It was early and maybe five or six people were there. I was by myself and sat at the bar.

The space is quite beautiful, and everyone there especially the owners was really friendly and proud. I ordered five pairs of nigiri, a miso soup, and a sake.

The menu lists the provenance of each fish, perhaps inaugurating a new trend--Croatian Otoro, anyone?

Despite wanting to love the place, I found the fish a disappointment. Sawara (which I thought they described as king mackerel) was excellent, and I liked the shimoaji. Hamachi was mediocre--frozen, even. I don't remember what else I ordered. Miso was excellent, as it should be for $4. My Happy Fortune sake was fine, but the pours are small for the price.

I loved being served a bottle of water...a trend that continued down the street at Modern Tea. I was disappointed that they don't offer soda.

I'll give Sebo another try but wasn't blown away by anything I tried. Nigiri was $7-8 a pair. I spent twice what I do on a normal night at Yo's.

I walked over to Modern Tea and enjoyed an excellent pot of Yunnan and Texas sheet cake (sold by the square inch). The interior has been beautifully redone from past lives as Terra Brazilis and an Indian place--Hayes Valley is now awash in elegant woods.

Service was friendly. This does feel more like a restaurant than a cafe. Prices are comparable to Samovar for tea--$4-6 is typical for a pot. Desserts seemed a little expensive ($5-7). All I really wanted was a scone or a cookie. Recommended.

Sebo is on Hayes at Octavia. Modern Tea is on the corner of Hayes and Laguna, across from Suppenkuche.

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