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Sebastopol and Santa Rosa: Village Bakery - organic Danish breads, princess cake, fig anise bread, challah, sourdough, and lots of stuff with cardamom


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Sebastopol and Santa Rosa: Village Bakery - organic Danish breads, princess cake, fig anise bread, challah, sourdough, and lots of stuff with cardamom

rworange | Jun 9, 2009 12:43 PM

I’m not sure why this bakery doesn’t get more attention with its homey fresh fruit pies, cakes, tarts, cookies, quiche and artisan breads.

For those interested, there are wheat-free breads and the label on one bread says there is no commercial yeast. A few vegan desserts are available.

I am not a fan of dense breads yet I’m totally hooked on the organic kernebrod, traditional Danish whole rye.

It is dense but not dried out and loaded with lots of tasty slivered sunflower seeds. There are also poppy and flax seeds that are nicely blended in the dough and not annoying like some bread. The loaf is covered with sesame seeds.

I also like the dinkelbrot, spelt bread, similarly full of tasty seeds. It is the only spelt bread that is delicious to me. Volkenbrot I waa told is just the kernebrod without sesame seeds

They have a bread of the month that is available on Wednesdays. This month it is fig anise which I haven’t tried yet. On one visit they had classic hamburger buns which people were snapping up.

They will slice bread, but the Santa Rosa has a better slicer than the Sebastopol location which can’t handle some of the denser bread.

Some breads are available every day. In the first link, I’ll post the bread schedule.

There is also a basket of half-off, day-old breads and they often have discounts on other baked goods.

The lady behind the counter said the princess cake was rich ... and it was.

In addition to being a very generous slice, I don't really know what made it so much richer than most.

Maybe it was the rich custard. This is not a subtle cake so there’s lots of flavor in the marzipan. The layers are whipped cream, cake, more whipped cream, custard, cake, still more whipped cream raspberry jam, cake all coated with green marzipan.

They had some nice-looking fruit pies that are different on each visit. Once they had strawberry rhubarb.

There’s a case of various types of plain, fruit and savory Danish. I’m pretty sure the Swedish apple cake will be my next purchase as it keeps calling out to me. I did try the cardamom cake which was nice. That day they had a small version of the cake.

Cookies: Cornmeal lemon, ginger, cardamom, bowties, rugulach, Russian tea cakes, oatmeal cranberry, hazelnut, raspberry linzer, chocolate chip, etc

There are bars and brownies, nice-looking Swedish almond marzipan tart, lemmon poppy seed cake, cream cakes such as Black Forest, NY Cheesecake and more.

I’ll post some details of what I’ve tried to date in a reply.

At lunch there are half a dozen sandwiches (turkey and such), a few salads, soup and quiche. Beverages include Taylor-made coffee and Tazo Tea

While both locations carry all baked goods, the breads are made in Sebastopol and the cakes and sweets at the Santa Rosa store which is next door to the very nice Pacific Market. I noticed Santa Rosa also had more cakes available by the slice plus mini brownie squares for $1.

There are tables at both locations to sit and eat. It is nothing fancy along the lines of bakery seating at places like Sweet Adeline. I’d place it sweet-wise somewhere between Sweet Adeline and Hopkins Street bakery and the bread close to Semi-freddi or Grace baking in spirit

Village Bakery
1445 Town and Country Dr, Santa Rosa, CA

Village Bakery
7225 Healdsburg Ave, Sebastopol, CA

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