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Help Seasoning De Buyer Mineral Fry Pans

jljohn | Feb 1, 2012 07:45 PM

So I just received a set of De Buyer Mineral frying pans in the mail today and set out to season them. I followed the instructions in the attached booklet: clean with hot water, heat a cm of oil for 5 minutes, pour off oil, and wipe with a paper towel. Heating the oil produced a ring of yellowish-brown oil-laquer all the way around the pan at the oil line. i.e. where the top of the oil met the pan I got a thick coating of solidified, almost sticky, oil. It reminds me of those yellow-brown goopy oil stains that are so hard to remove from stainless steel. Should this have happened? Should I scour it off and start over, or should I just cook away?

Incidentally, the seasoning and care instructions provided by de buyer differ between the little booklet attached to the handle of the pan and those printed on the inside of the pan sleeve. I followed the booklet, but after I started, I realized that the sleeve called for a potato peel pre-season. Oh well!



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