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Seasoning Cast Iron

sepandee | May 5, 200809:05 AM

I found a couple of great threads on this forum on how to season cast iron. But it seems everyone has their own ritual, and because of the number of different ways it's being done and due to the long nature of the threads I was reading, I'm a bit confused.

I'm about to go out right now and buy my first cast iron. Questions:

1) Do I need to sand it at first? I have one of those metallic spiral scours/scrubbers, will that do?
2) After sanding/washing it, I heat it on the stove, apply a very thin layer of lard, and put it upside down in the oven at 500F, correct? Some say don't use vegetable oil, but others advocate using olive oil (that's a vegetable, right?). Still, others say don't use lard or animal grease and use coconut oil instead, but yet some complain that this makes the surface sticky. HALP!
3) Do I need to repeat this process?
4) When cleaning it after cooking, can I use my spiral scours/scrubbers? Or will that damage the seasoning?
5) Do I need to reseason after every cooking? I hope not.
6) Any other tips?

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