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Do I need to re-season my wok?

CindyJ | Jan 30, 201006:24 AM

I made a mess of my wok yesterday. It was well on its way to becoming nicely seasoned, but after stir frying finely diced chicken which had been tossed in a combination of egg white and corn starch (I was making chicken lettuce wraps), a crusty mess remained on much of the inside surface. I tried using kosher salt as an "abrasive" for scouring the wok, but now, when I run my hand over the surface, it doesn't feel smooth.

What's the best way to proceed from here? Should I "bite the bullet" and give it a good scrubbing with something like Bon Ami, and then begin the seasoning anew? Or is there a way to preserve the seasoned parts and re-season the rest of it?

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