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In search of Hong Kong's 'BEST WON-TON NOODLE'


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In search of Hong Kong's 'BEST WON-TON NOODLE'

Charles Yu | May 6, 2007 08:18 PM

During my last two visits to Hong Kong, I have been using my spare time in search of the Best Won-ton Noodle in town. The evaluation criteria was provided to me by a real local Chinese food connoisseur. He told me the ultimate won-ton noodle should comprise of perfection in the following four components. The broth, the noodle, the won-ton and finally the condiments. The broth should be made from prawn shells, chicken and pork bones, dried tile fish, shrimp eggs and dried buddha fruit. The noodle strand should be as thin as a thread and cooked just below 'al-dente'. The won-ton should comprised of crunchy fresh prawns wrapped in paper thin wrapping skin. The cooked noodle, before being placed in the bowl, should be dressed and drizzled with a few drops of lard. Finally, the end product should be sprinkled with finely chopped yellow chives and shrimp eggs. So far, I only managed to locate outfits that satisfy two or three of the four criteria. Either they have great noodles and won-ton but mediocre broth or, they have great broth and noodles but so-so won-ton or great won-ton and broth but dissappointing noodles....etc etc. I've been to all the 'chain stores' such as Mak-Man-Kee, Mak-Un-Kee.....etc and found them so-so. Question, any local chowhound knows of some 'out of the way outfit' that still applies the traditional method and ingredients in creating the ultimate bowl of noodles?! Thanks in advance!

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