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has the SEARCH changed?

Georgia Strait | Jan 19, 201206:55 AM

hi - i believe that the search field would HELP the human by prompting a specific board in which to search

for example, if i wanted to look for a particular business or product in So Cal Los Angeles - then i could narrow down before clicking the search button.

but in the last few days, i can't do that anymore -- it just searches all of chowhound and comes back with a confusing jumble of vague search results.

i checked the FAQ link at bottom of page and the one faq re; search indicates that one can search specific to the board that one is reading at the time.

is that faq out of date or ...

i cannot figure out how to do what the faq says it can do.

SEARCH is a really important tool on chowhound/chow ... I NEVER have understood why there are two sep chows.

thank you
chowhound is kind of fun - tho i notice it gets snippy sometimes more often than not - but maybe that is the overall mood of forums these days but it will send people away -
that is not what CH needs - as it gets kind of boring reading info from the same plus/minus 10 posters on the local city board.

and please, why are some posts OK with four letter words and variations? I THINK there are a couple of posts by a Silver jAY getting fired up about what is 'chef's choice' in a sushi joint.

thank you

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