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Seafood Champon, Agedashi Tofu & Gyuhi @ Kamakura, Alameda

Melanie Wong | Jun 21, 200503:53 AM     3

The Kamakura seafood champon was a flop with overcooked shrimp, squid legs, a clam, and surimi compounded with mushy ramen (the dry packaged type) and tinny stock. The stir-fried bean sprouts and cabbage were overcooked to mush too. The fried slice of fish cake was the only tasty thing in that bowl. The soup did become a bit more interesting with the addition of the dab of wasabi and crunchy tempura batter crumbs provided, but not much.

However, the airy, light-colored and greaseless crumbs did indicate that the tempura might be worth ordering. This expertise in frying came through in the agedashi tofu I had ordered to diversify my risk here. The starchy coating on the cubes of silken tofu was fluffed up and really crispy. The dashi was a bit on the sweet side and would have been better with daikon oroshi, but overall, I thought this was a very good rendition.

I had room for dessert and ordered a gyuhi. In different forms to fit the season, the red apple shape is available now. Molded of mochi and filled with azuki bean paste, the small sweet was glazed to look just like a red apple complete with stem and leaf.


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Link: http://kamakurarestaurant.com/

Image: http://home.earthlink.net/~melaniewon...

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