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Old school table manners... what were you taught?


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Old school table manners... what were you taught?

lynnlato | Oct 14, 2007 08:32 AM

My Sicillian grandfather was hell bent and determined to teach his grandkids good table manners. Some of his rules were: napkins on the lap, elbows & arms could not rest on the table, other hand in your lap, chew w/ your mouth closed, no singing at the table (four girls), no eating until everyone was seated and you said grace, sit up straight, etc. He would even stab our hands w/ his fork if he saw our hand was on the table (he didn't draw blood but geesh). 'Course it was perfectly acceptable to sop up w/ bread the juices oozing from our rare steaks or the sauce from our pasta. I even recall that man sitting down to lunch at the table to have soup which he ate out of the pan it was heated in (he should've practiced more what he preached)!

To this day I will shut down completely if anyone in eyesight is smacking their lips. Even as a kid I would turn away and cover my ears!

So, what were you taught? Do you follow those same rules you were raised with or did you let a few fall by the wayside?

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