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Schaller & Weber Online - Bauernschinken, German cold cuts and more


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Schaller & Weber Online - Bauernschinken, German cold cuts and more

Krys | Mar 10, 2005 11:25 PM

I had my first taste of Schaller & Weber Bauernschinken today, a nice boneless ham similar to Prociutto, but smoked and mildly seasoned. It was sliced so thin you could almost see through it and totally delicous.

I also bought some of their interesting chubs of liver sausages like the liver pate with goose liver and goose fat (hey, if it kills me, I'll die happy).

Anway, while looking up more I came across their website and it seems you can mail order from them. I have my local supplier in San Francicso (will post about The Junket on SF Board), but I can say what I tried so far has been excellent.

Looking on Chowhound for a mention, it seems it gets favorable mentions on the NY boards.

Even so, the site is a glossary of German Cold cuts with pictures.

Anyway, enjoy. You might gain a few pounds just reading through the link below. In that case, order the Gelbwurst which the website describes as "low in fat and contains:

No Nitrates
No Preservatives
No Monosodium Glutamate
No Artificial Coloring
No Fillers

In Germany they call it a diet bologna because it is low in fat and salt. It originated in the Black Forest region and Bavaria. It is composed of veal and pork mildly spiced with nutmeg, white pepper, and ginger. Slice like bologna."


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