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I'm scared of...

anakalia | Sep 19, 201110:26 PM

I often see posts that reveal the poster is "scared" of cooking/ making a particular food item. I definitely have my own "fears" too. I'm not talking about unusual foods that most of us would be nervous about cooking (e.g. rack of camel, foraged mushroom stew (yum!), ant egg omelet, etc.), but rather about somewhat "normal" foods that we are, for some odd reason, frightened to try -- what are yours?

Mine are:

*Making my own yogurt (hoping my Indian mother-in-law will help me overcome this fear next time she visits

* Shellfish (I'm always so scared that I will undercook them, since I've just recently started cooking with them and, growing up in the Upper Midwest, I never watched my mother make them ,either). I've mastered the mussel, but just about anything else sends me into nervous fits that end up in hours of online recipe searches ;)

* Custards. They never turn out, and I'm always afraid I didn't bake them long enough to kill any possible bacteria, etc. Do I need some sort of thermometer for this?

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