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Sayulita trip report 2/14/15

eglbc | Feb 18, 201502:32 PM     1

Sayulita was like a endless buffet of the best Mexican street food, with few of the trappings of a typical mexico tourist circus.
Ive never eaten so much amazing, fresh food for so cheap. Easily one of the best culinary trips Ive been on, and I didnt expect much other than some good tacos.


Tacos Ivan - Best pastor I had. Went several times. I like how when your done they hit you real fast with " More tacos amigo?" Yeah i want more tacos.

Trancos carneceria - Behind ivans. Great pollo preperado, pork preperado, chorizo and the homemade salsas on the counter.

Fish market by bridge - I thought they were out of fish every time, but the goods are in coolers. Great prices, brought home some smoked marlin. Hope it didnt spoil on the flight.

Barracuda - Clean and tasty ceviche spot right next to ruebens sandwiches. Had a great shrimp aquachile, which I had no idea what it was going to be. Suprised it was raw shrimp, but ended up really enjoying it. Good pulpo tostada as well. Recommended by the bartender at the hostel bar.

El Tacorriendo - right next to itacate, across from the hostel. Little cart open in the evenings, had really good pastor here, as well as some intense quesadillas. Bonus points for a super authentic bathroom experience.

The chicken stand next to the hostel - BBQ chicken, rice and slaw for a couple bucks. Get it to go, and eat on the beach. 9/10 would eat again.

Hostel swing bar - Nice little street bar. Post up and people watch. Makes some good margaritas. The bartenders had some great recs.

Mariscos Parillos - Little seafood spot on the other side of town a couple blocks up from the bridge. Serves really good ceviche from 11-6pm. Highly recommend. Mostly locals.

Iguana Gardens - Quiet garden spot with really good fish tacos and aquafrescas. BYOB.

Churro truck - Ive never eaten something so fast. I felt like a addict scoring a good batch. more.

Vendors at Muertos Beach - "Yoooohooo", Marlin and shrimp sticks were a perfect mid day snack. And they bring them to you on the sand.

Farmers Market - The quesadillas from the mayan ( I think?) couple were some of the best things we ate. Incredible tortillas, fresh ingredients. 10/10.
Also had some great empanadas, chicken mole being a highlight. Not sure if these are the same as in town.

Lowlights :
Any meal at a restaurant with a table cloth. I know this is a generalization, but every time we paid gringo prices we were severely disappointed with the food. Given the quality of all the little stands, carts, and hole in the walls, I will avoid going to the nice sit down spots next time around.

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