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Saving the Best Bite For Last


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Saving the Best Bite For Last

michele cindy | Mar 25, 2011 07:25 AM

As I was eating my breakfast and it dawned on me, I always eat in a manner that will leave me with a bite at the end that would be the most delicious. For instance, the bacon egg on a roll sandwich, I made sure my last bite had lots of yolk, the crispiest edges of bacon, and a small dollop of mayo. When I eat a steak, I always eat the marrow on the bone last, pizza, I'll be sure to leave some cheese so that I can stuff it on top of the crust, desserts, same thing, the flaky pie crust, making sure the best part of the filling is left over to top. I truly make a consious effort to be sure I enjoy the last bite of whatever it is I'm eating. As I was getting ready to post, I saw that Alkapal was posting at the same time, about 1st bites. We must be on the same wavelength just different ends!

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