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Save my cupcakes! Travelling with food


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Save my cupcakes! Travelling with food

Cebca | Jun 2, 2009 10:10 AM

It is my dear boyfriends birthday on Thursday and I will be travelling from Los Angeles to Philadelphia to spend the weekend with him. I got inspired and decided to make him guinness-whiskey-baileys cupcakes (trying to stay away from the proper name due to sensitivities) from Smitten Kitchen. I've baked the chocolate guiness cupcakes and currently have them in the freezer. I plan on making the chocolate-whiskey ganache and the bailey's buttercream while I am there and completing them while he is at class, but he lives in a house with few kitchen applicances so I had to get the cakes done ahead of time (I'll be lugging my hand mixer with me in my bags). But I am concerned about getting the frozen cupcakes from LA to Philly, in luggage, on the redeye . . ..

Do I try to keep them frozen, and if so, how? Should I just let them thaw while I am on the plane, and if so, should I put them back in the freezer when I get to his place, or the fridge, or just out on the counter? Any tips on preventing squishing? I am thinking I will just have to carry them in their own bag separately.

I would like to do this without having to buy any crazy cupcake-carrying contraptions.


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