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Has anyone here actually made sauerkraut?


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Has anyone here actually made sauerkraut?

Howard-2 | Dec 12, 2002 04:26 PM

Have you ever made sauerkraut at home? If so, I'd like to hear more about your experiences.

I've tried making sauerkraut in two ways: by simple brining of cut cabbage, using essentially the same recipe and method for making brined (fermented) cucumbners; and the "classic" way, restricting the amount of oxygen available to the cabbage.

The second way, I keep getting mold growing on the stuff and a very yeasty aroma; the first way, I get microbial colonies floating on the surface, which is normal, but it seems to take forever for anything to happen to the stuff, i.e. for it to turn into anything other than salted cabbage.

If you have actually made sauerkraut yourself, with your own two hands, I'd like to hear details! Tnx.

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