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All-Around Saucepan, NOT Stainless ....

ApartmentDweller | Oct 30, 200911:16 AM

Hi y'all,

<Sigh> Okay, long story short: My SS skillet and saucepan have bitten the dust so it's time to replace 'em. Just learned that my nickel allergy MAY be a problem with using stainless steel; there seems to be a raging debate on this. With my COUNTLESS allergies, to be on the safe side I've opted to avoid SS as much as possible. (I am even replacing my SS flatware with silverware.)

Aluminum and anything nonstick are out: no thanks, no Alzheimer's or cancer for me.

At any rate, I need some suggestions about what material(s) conduct heat well for a good all-around saucepan for boiling water, cooking pasta and rice, heating soups, stews, reheating, etc.

Many years ago I used the Corning Ware Visions crap but if memory serves it wasn't a very good heat conductor (also I'm clumsy and tend to drop and break things). Cast iron is slow to heat, isn't it?! Besides I think I am done with cast iron -- I am going through the growing pains of learning to season my skillets, and I don't want any more (except for a cornbread pan). Plus there is the "acidic food limitation."

Copper is just used on the bottoms of SS pots, right?

What does that leave -- enameled cast iron, enameled stainless, and soapstone (which requires a diffuser)? Any comments on these?

Or am I overlooking something?

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