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Another sauce question/ birthday dinner help needed


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Another sauce question/ birthday dinner help needed

Katerina | May 3, 2002 02:22 PM

Like Lindsay B., I am a loser with sauces and gravies, which is too bad since my national cuisine (Czech) is based on the Holy Trinity of meat + starch(potato or dumpling) + sauce.

Anyway, I have always dreamed of being able to make the kind of delicious, luxurious, thick red wine sauce that goes so well with, say, lamb chops and looks so great on the plate, too. I had something of the sort at several good restaurants (Quilty's is one that comes to mind) and always thought it "didn't look difficult" - but my own attempts were always pathetic: brown, greasy (by now I know I should degrease before deglazing) and not wine-y tasting at all.

It's going to be my husband's birthday pretty soon and I would love to cook him a nice dinner of lamb chops with *that* red wine sauce, maybe with pan-roasted potatoes and veggies. (Sounds more like a winter meal, I know, but he's from the Midwest and loves this kind of food twelve months a year.)

Would any Chowhound be kind enough to provide a relatively simple recipe with warnings about what NOT to do, and pointers about what to do WHEN???

Thank you.....

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