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Saturday Last, (fit, Papa Charlie's BBQ, Jackson's Watering Hole, Common Bond and Central Market)

DoobieWah | Jan 19, 201508:57 AM

Saturday, (January 17,2015), was the kind of day to get-out-into.

It was the kind of day about which I always say, "These are the days we suffer through the summers for."

The high was about 67 and the humidity somewhere south of that. It was a sit outside, eat barbecue and drink beer sort of a day. Guess what I did?


My little brother, (or OtherBrotherDarrell to you), called me about 10:30 and said, "Let's go!". We had discussed earlier in the week making a quick trip down to Bellaire for dim sum and to visit a Japanese home goods store that my sushi chef recommended. He, (the chefguy) suggested I buy a small cheap Japanese knife sharpener that he really liked for home use. (NOT his sushi knives, of course!)

Anyway, it's called "fit" and it's on the second floor of the shopping center on the s/s of Bellaire just east of Beltway. It's across Bellaire from Sinh Sinh and across the parking lot from Banana Leaf. Really a cool little store. They had been long sold out of the knife sharpener but if you go, anything without a price tag is $2. I highly recommend checking it out on general principle. I bought a couple of small plastic food storage thingys.

fit -

So we're leaving there and looking at all of the choices available to us without even getting back into the car, (Malayasian,Korean, Japanese, Chinese, ...) and I said, "What about barbecue?". OBD said, "I was just thinking about barbecue", so I said, "I know a place".

Papa Charlie's.

Full disclosure, I only know about this place as the proprietor is friends with a guy on another message board where I waste my time. I had been once before and it was really good. I'd put it against Corkscrew, Killen's or anything else available within an hour's drive. It's a food truck/trailer located at Jackson's Watering Hole, 1205 Richmond between Montrose and Dunlavy.

Jackson's Watering Hole -

Jackson's is what we used to call an ice house and is now called a "craft beer bar". (The biggest difference is better beer and heftier tabs.)

"Joni" was tending bar and when we arrived at 12:10 and we were her first and only customers. Wes hadn't yet raised his window at the trailer so we sat at the bar, annoyed the bartender, had a beer and waited. Wes opened the trailer just a minute or so later but we finished our first pint and ordered a second before meandering over to the trailer for lunch.

Our order: One link of sausage, two pork ribs, two sliced beef sandwiches, ("Extra fatty please, sir!") and a loaded mac and cheese. That order was $33 and worth every penny. We left no man nor morsel behind. He does different things so sometimes there'll be beef ribs, or chickens, etc. I've had the pulled pork on a previous visit. It was also good, but on Saturday the fatty brisket was terrific. He brought us a sample of the smoked turkey at the bar, and it was also incredible. So moist and tender.

Guys, this is really good cue. He's open Sat and Sun from noon till... and on Thursday evenings. I strongly suggest you get over there and get some before he decides we're not worth the effort and moves to Austin. <spit>

We ate, drank a beer, (or two) and the whole time we were there, maybe an hour, the guy had two or three more customers and the bar only one or two more. Again, this was roughly noon to one on what was an utterly unbelievably beautiful day. We sat at the bar to eat and drink, (and annoy Joni), but there was lots of outdoor seating as well. The place should have been packed.

So moving on we decided to run over to Catalina on Washington for the best cup of coffee in Houston, (my usual breve latte'). I don't know what you're drinking so I can't compare, but for me, it's the best I've had. Apparently there was some kind of marathon being run, or prepared for or something but the traffic heading down that way was ridiculous so we turned around and were looking for somewhere new when OBD announced he knew the place we should go.

Common Bond on Montrose,

Really good coffee, but not as good as Catalina IMNSHO. We split a slice of cheesecake which was also excellent. BTW, there was a ten to fifteen minute line for coffee and pastries.

Heading back out west, we popped into Central Market and picked up a few ingredients, (fresh shishito peppers, breakfast radishes, cheeses, bread and wagyu roast beef for sammiches). Yum. That place should really be muuuuuch closer to me.

Dropped off OBD at his house, went home and put away my treasures, opened all of the windows and took a three hour nap.

How did YOU spend the most beautiful day of the year?

P.S. This is apparently the first, (uhmmm make that SECOND), post on this board in a week. I know you guys eat at least once a day and are mostly literate, so dish!

Sinh Sinh,
Banana Leaf,
Killen's Barbecue,
Killen's Steakhouse,
The Patio At The Pit Room,
The Kitchen at The Dunlavy,
Common Bond Café & Bakery
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