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Santa Rosa: Willie Bird fresh turkey sausages


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Santa Rosa: Willie Bird fresh turkey sausages

rworange | Jul 12, 2009 11:10 AM

With all the great posts about the Willie Bird store over the years, expecially by Melanie, it was always on my to-try list. I've been spending some time in the Sepastopol area over the last few months and driving to the town on Highway 12, I spotted it. It must be on the border of Santa Rosa and is really close to downtown Sebastopol.

I don't think the fresh turkey sausages have been posted about in any detail.

There are few things I buy a second time. I like trying new things. However, the sausages at Willie Bird are something I usually pick up when I am in the area, especially the turkey apple sausage.

All the sausages have a nice fine grind. They don't have a fowl taste of some poultry sausages They are very pleasant and juicy.

The turkey apple sausage is a lovely thing, lightly sweet with apples and a cinnamon background. Usually poutry sausages with apple are in name only, but the flavor comes thru on the Willie Bird version and I always include these when shopping there.

I like the Cajun next. It is the spiciest with a nice heat. The mild Italian have a medium heat and a nice light fennel taste.

Not to my tastes were the hot italian and sun-dried tomato basil. The first just has medium heat from cayenne, IIRC, and the latter just pick up the sourness of the tomato with no basil flavor. What was nice is that I could buy one of each type to try out without committing to a whole package.

The store said they aren't sold anywhere else, but I did spot one fresh sausage at Pacific Supermarket. Forgot which it was since it wasn't apple.

I also had a sandwich to try out the smoked turkey. It is your nothing special basic sandwich, but nice enough. What is swell is they offer the option of a half sandwich. On that day it was exactly what I was looking for. I guess they don't make the sandwiches around Thanksgiving when business heats up.

I've never seen the turkey eggs on any of my visits yet. No sign on the door about them or eggs in the deli case. Next on my to-try list is the sandwich with turkey bacon to see how the bacon tastes without having to buy a whole package. I'll give the turkey jerky a try also.

Also on my radar, if available, is the turkey salad, turkey spread and maybe if the timing is right, I will pick up a frozen carcass or parts to make a nice turkey soup.

As much as I am not a duck fan, previous posts about the smoked duck have me intrigued.Need to give their smoked chicken a try as well.

The store is a nothing fancy place. There's the freezer case on the left with sauasges, turkey parts and such. The main deli case holding everything else and a cooler to the right with a few bottled sodas. There's one indoor table, but it is not an eat-in type of place. Yelp has mentions of the, uh, curt service ... the comments were a bit more strongly worded The people there are chatty in a small town way with the regulars but are a little difficult to pry an information if you are not. Place your order let them fill it and be on your way. It is about the turkey

Willie Bird Turkeys
5350 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa, CA

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