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Santa Fe solo traveler - dining out, takeout, groceries


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Santa Fe solo traveler - dining out, takeout, groceries

Silverwing | Aug 21, 2009 12:17 PM

I'm planning a solo trip to Santa Fe this fall - looking to have a quiet week and enjoy the landscape, history and culture - and of course, the food!

As a solo traveler, I'm looking for suggestions of restaurants where a solo diner is welcome rather than an oddity. I'm quite content with a good newspaper or magazine - and I've seen lots of suggestions for restaurants on these boards - I just don't want to feel uncomfortable if this is unusual for the restaurant.

Also looking for suggestions on good takeout - southwest in particular, but open to any suggestions. Pizza, vietmenese, italian, etc.

Lastly, good grocery stores as well as particular food I should consider trying. I'm staying in a place with cooking facilities, so I plan to prepare some meals and I'm hoping to try some local cuisine / recipes.

Any suggestions are most welcome! Thank you!

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