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Sandwich contest update (+ reviews)

BIM | Mar 22, 200807:23 PM     5

The judging of the sandwich competition is in full swing – thanks to all participants! We are trying to get to as many sandwiches as possible. Judging will progress over the next two weeks and results should be announced in early April. At that time the first annual prestigious Sammy Awards will be awarded. Good luck.

IT IS NOT TOO LATE to enter! Rules are simple: list up to three favorite sandwiches in the LA area, no burgers or wraps please. Should the panel of judges (me) declare your entry a winner – then how nice for you!

(Original thread http://www.chowhound.com/topics/497874)

Here are a few reviews to tide you over:

Clementine - 1751 Ensley Avenue, Century City
”Roast Beef Caliente: In-house roasted top round thinly sliced then grilled with avocado, red onions, pickled jalapenos, lettuce and mayo on toasted rustic bread” - Servorg

Strong first impression – liked the beef, great meat essence flavor. Mayo is critical to the juicy feel, and the soft ciabatta-style bun works well. Shredded lettuce, peppers and avocado complete what seems like a decadent, indulgent treat. Not your typical roast beef sandwich!

Joey’s Smokin’ BBQ - 3200 N. Sepulveda Ave.Manhattan Beach, CA
“Brisket sandwich - generously sized, I love their sauce, also not too fatty” - avivale

Joey’s is a chain, the Manhattan Beach location is hidden in a full-sized mall near Fry’s. The brisket sandwich is some chopped meat on a soft hamburger bun smeared with fairly insipid sauce. The meat was tender, as if steamed, and had little character – no element of smoke or char. Normally I go for anything called BBQ but this didn’t quite make it for me.

Artisan Cheese Gallery - 12023 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA
“Duck Confit - Duck, fig spread, yummy cheese, pressed on a ciabbatta” - CarlieInLA

Stealth sandwich place – poses as a cheese store. Duck confit sandwich is shredded duck meat with a sweet fig jam and Marechal cheese on grilled ciabbatta – it had an unexpected Thanksgiving-dinner fowl-and-jam comfort vibe. Not as complex as I’d anticipated, and perhaps a hair on the sweet side. Fellow-taster Leslie fell in love with this one. (We asked the proprietess for a recco and she gave us a Serrano ham with cheese and caramelized onions which IMHO rocked! Ineligible for contest however.)

Le Diplomate Bakery Café - 4237 Campus Dr, Ste B161, Irvine, CA
“Garlic chicken w/tomato” – ns1

What makes this sandwich worth the hop skip and jump off the toll road on your way down south? Hint: it’s not the Vie de France bread or the tomato, or the melted cheese. It’s certainly not the chicken chunks. That leaves…yes – the garlic sauce that stays with you, in more ways than one. That stuff is both intoxicating and toxic. Le Diplomate is a non-descript sandwich joint hidden in a big mall across from the UCI campus and I think I’ll be trying that garlic thing one more time.

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