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San Jose Viet Lunch Group Repeats Nha Toi


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San Jose Viet Lunch Group Repeats Nha Toi

Alice Patis | Sep 22, 2006 12:09 AM

The San Jose lunch group organized by Carb Lover came back to Nha Toi today and enjoyed the following dishes

Nem Ran Cua – Fresh Crab Spring Rolls, 2 orders
Bo Tai Chanh & side order of Tuong Gung – Raw beef salad & side order of fermented soybean & ginger sauce, 2 orders
Goi Ca Song – Raw Fish (Carp) with fresh herbs and fermented rice sauce ($22.95, one of the pricier items on the menu but a real bargain once you've tasted it)
Ca Hap, Mam Thu Cha – Steamed whole fish (rock cod?) with grated tuna sauce, herbs, noodles & rice paper for wraps ($22.95)
Mam Ruoc Hue Xao Xa Ot Thit Heo - Pork with shrimp paste, lemongrass & chiles
Suon Heo Kho – Pork spareribs simmered in claypot
Ca Phao Mam Tom Bac – Thai Eggplant with fermented shrimp sauce, 2 orders
Rau Muong Xao Chao – Water Spinach sauteed with fermented bean curd
Canh Mong Toi, Muop, Rieu Cua – Malabar spinach soup, with luffa squash and ground crab, 2 orders
Com Chay – Burnt rice with oiled scallions & fried shallots
Com Trang – White rice

We were also comped black sticky rice with coconut milk for dessert.

Total came to $189 including 20% tip.

My overall feeling was that this meal topped the other 4 past meals of mine, if that could be possible. There were a couple of small things that to me weren’t perfect. Plus this time around I think I might have ordered on the salty heavy side (in a sensory overload kind of way). I’ll let others report their experiences before I post my detailed thoughts. It was great meeting the 2 new hounds and chatting with you all!

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