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Iron frank | Apr 2, 2002 10:48 PM

I find Sammy's Noodle Place on 6th Ave. in the Village pretty loathsome in general. I've gotten really bad service and I find that most of their American pan-Chinese fare is pretty insipid. Needless to say I was pretty suspicious of their snack shop next door that serves Bubble Tea. All of their pre-baked buns(chicken curry, red bean, pork) look pretty unexceptional and are ruined, as are all baked goods, by malodorous plastic wrap.

There are a couple of dim sum snacks that are more interesting though and one stood out. It was the Taiwanese style braised pork bun. It was only $2.50 and made to order by the kitchen. It came out in a plastic shell container steaming hot and super tasty. It was a sandwich filled with a thick slice of well-seasoned roast pork, covered in crunchy peanuts, and topped with a layer of coarsely chopped cilantro mixed with pickled greens. This was all surrounded by a puffy, steamed white flour roll. I think it was a bargain for the Village and combined with peppercorn, or paper wrapped chicken it makes for quite a nice 5 dollar lunch. I'm sure you can find better versions in any Chinatown but I was surprised to find something so cheap and tasty on this un-delicious stretch of 6th Ave.


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