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Salty Lassi's Unique Flavor--How Do I Duplicate??


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Salty Lassi's Unique Flavor--How Do I Duplicate??

Lynn | Jul 27, 2001 10:54 AM

I've tried blending yogurts, buttermilk, lebne, kaffir, etc--but have been unable to duplicate that authentic tart and tangy salty lassi taste that I crave.

How is it made? Is it drained from curds? Is it some sort of enzyme substance I need to grow? Or is it just easier to order it from my favorite Indian restaurant? One time when my local place did not have it available, they said something about "they were out of yogurt?!" But--what kind??

Thanks in advance. I just had a salty Lassi last night from Mughlai (Upper West Side)--and as always--it was mouth-puckeringly sensational! (Maybe I should just call them and ask?) To savor the unique taste longer, I sip it as slowly as possible thru a straw. But it's a fleeting pleasure. How can I make it at home to meet these cravings head on!!??

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