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Salade de Thon Mais Pas Nicoise


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Salade de Thon Mais Pas Nicoise

oakjoan | Aug 19, 2005 01:28 AM

So Salade Nicoise isn't unless one uses canned tuna. That was made very clear by several posters.

So this reminded me of a joke:

A fellow goes into a restaurant and orders Beef Stroganoff. It is brought to his table...beef chunks with red bell peppers, chilis,and a sort of green sauce with basil.

The fellow calls the waiter over and says "This isn't Beef Stroganoff! I demand to speak to the chef." The waiter goes and gets the chef.

The fellow says to the chef "My good man! This is not Beef Stroganoff. Beef Stroganoff has sour cream and filet of beef in it.. this is nothing like it."

The chef turns red in the face.."Of course it's Beef Stroganoff! I am Stroganoff."

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