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The best of the salad sprays - Newman's Own Balsamic Natural Salad Mist

rworange | Mar 7, 200812:32 PM

I like the idea of these sprays. So far I've tried

Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers

Ken’s Steak House Lite Accents one-calorie salad sprays

Newman's is better all around than the other two. The ingrediant list is better and the taste is much, much better. One spray of Newman's has more flavor than 2-3 sprays of the other two.

Wish-bone is so watery that it takes a good 30-40 sprays to get flavor in a large salad. With Newman's, I'm using 15 or less sprays.

The best flavor is the Balsamic, a really pleasant balanced dressing. I'd buy this again.

I don't like Asian dressing in general, but as far as Asian dressings go, Newman's is quite good with a nice sesame note to it.

I didn't like the Italian at all. While it doesn't have that usual awful bottled Italain dressing taste, it is too acidic and strong for me.

The ingrediant list on the Newman's mists are a little different than the bottled dressing ... actually they look better. The balsamic bottled dressing doesn't have any olive oil, while the spray does

The only other spray dressing that I would buy again is the Ken's Steakhouse Lite Accents Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette. That has a nice flavor and goes well with salads that have appples.

I actually have a nice collection of empty spray bottles at this point. I'm filling some of them with different vinegars and others with plain olive oil. It works great using a few spritzes of each.

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