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Salad bars and buffet safety

im_nomad | Apr 29, 200804:34 PM

Some of the other posts have got me thinking...have there been alot of improvements in these over the years?

I'm not necessarily inviting your most grossest stories here....but i remember only a couple of years ago, when the Pondarosa restaurant didnt' offer a new plate to a repeat salad-bar'er, and watching people tap the spoon on their dirty plate made me cringe. (consequently I also once saw an old lady fill her purse with cheese, a memory that remains with me to this day, lol )

I also worked in the "front" restaurant of Wendy's back in the day when they had salad bars....and laughed at some of the stuff I saw....people going up to the bar with the wrappers from their burgers and such...lol. Sadly...what was leftover the night before, made it to the top of the salad bar bowls the next day. But they've ditched that.

I'm not necessarily talking about hovering kids or people eating at the buffet or what not, or places with quick turnover in the food necessarily. In some places, food gets hoovered up so quickly, that it may even be a non-issue.

I want to know if these things have come any way at all? Are the standards being met? People in the food industry, comments welcome :)

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