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salad bar pricing idea

Benny Choi | Nov 22, 2005 03:02 PM

So, I like to eat many different foods, including salads. I generally enjoy salad bars, but with my big appetite, I like to put together really big salads at salad bars.

Most places charge a per pound rate with their salad bars. This gets really expensive for me, because a nice big salad can cost $7 or $9 or even $12 depending on the place.

I can appreciate the simplicity and understandability of the concept of, "you eat more, you pay more," but the reality is when the salad bar charge for a small eater is around $3 while for me it's a lot more, while the restaurant's overhead costs have minimal difference (since fresh produce is pretty cheap), it seems like restaurants are making way more profit from me and it is a bit unfair.

Of course, I can choose not to eat at such places, or I can find one of the few fixed priced salad bars, but I wanted to pose an idea to see what people think.

At least to me, it would seem the pricing could be more fair if there was a fixed base price for the salad bar, like $2.00, and then there is still the per pound cost, but at much less than the usual per pound rate, so that the average, small salad eater still experiences the same total cost, while the large salad eater gets a much fairer price, and the restaurant still covers their overhead costs. Doesn't this seem more fair? Do any places actually do this?

I figure the pricing may be too complex for customers to appreicate, or teeny tiny salad eaters may find it unfair, or there just aren't that many big salad eaters out there to create a demand for such a pricing structure.

What do you think?

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