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the saga of the green bags


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the saga of the green bags

epicure-us | Oct 5, 2003 06:38 PM

it is the evening of yom kippur so thought i would take steps towards healing my relationship with my refrigerator. my produce situation has really gotten out of hand over the past year, still, we've been through a lot together so i hope my refrigerator will forgive me anyway.

the mysterious depths of my fridge is only matched in mysteriousness by the suposed powers of the green bags. (in other words, they haven't worked out so far, though i squeeze the air out before twisting the twisties tightly.) chowhounds, you can help by clarifying the following: do the "magic" green bags that are sold in three sizes and claim to make vegetables "keep" longer really work? if so to what extent? and if not, what is the method of choice for storing vegies (especially greens or root vegetables with copious leaf tops)? ziplock bags? lining bags with towel paper? etc? also, i am curious about the basis of the technology behind their claims, if anyone knows that too...

thanks everyone,

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