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Safe non-stick pans that can handle high heat

hungry_eats | Dec 26, 201212:30 AM

Hey everyone,
I've been cooking with non-stick Teflon based pans but I've been concerned lately with the safety of this given that I often cook with high heat.

I was looking for pans that could fit the following:
Non-stick surface
Can handle high heat
PFOA PTFE free (as long as non-carcinogenic)
Not cast iron (don't want to deal with the seasoning business)

Optional: It would be nice to be able to wash in dishwasher (but not absolutely needed).

Generally I just cook pan-fried dumplings, eggs, stif fry, and occasionally stews (that require browning of the meat).

I've done some reading around this online but not entirely sure which sites to trust. Some have recommended Calaphon and others Le Cruset but I really have no clue. Price isn't an issue. Any advice would be appreciated.


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