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Rustica Price Increases... New Location

brlattim | Jan 12, 2017 06:39 AM

I love Rustica. Great breads, quality pastries, and good coffee made it a bi-weekly stop for some goodies. I loved their original location and followed them to SLP. The point of my concern is to gather other foodie feedback.

Their baguette imo is the best in the city. Sometimes very hard to find as they don't make many (20-30, confirmed with employee) and rather prioritize commercial sales (restaurants). The baguette has a nice crusty exterior, with beautiful bubbling and flavor. They were around $2.25 at the original location. Increased to $2.50 at new location. Then again, and again. Now its $3.75 for a baguette (jumped from $3 recently). Am I wrong to think this is an exorbitant price to pay for a medium sized piece of bread? Its not some fancy artisan loaf with olives or cheeses...its a simple baguette...and not a large one. Other than the way overpriced (imo) Wuollet, I have never seen a baguette this expensive and paid less just months ago in downtown Paris.

I personally, plan to frequent the location less often as they also raised pastry prices. I tend to think its due to the costs of another new location in Wayzata as well as the newer ownership...but I am trying to determine if I am way off here or that price is in line with other Mnpls patron expectations?

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