I think I ruined my CS wok while seasoning! Help please!


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I think I ruined my CS wok while seasoning! Help please!

Muttly | Feb 4, 2012 12:03 AM

I have a new Helen Chen flat bottomed carbon steel 14" wok. After scrubbing it with steel wool and hot water, I dried it and proceeded to heat it up to a bluish color for seasoning. It took a long time as I kept turning the wok near the flame to change the color on all the metal. As per 1 video I saw.
I noticed what appeared to be areas of the lacquer coating still intact so I stopped and scrubbed it two more times till it was shiny again and started the heating process over.....I should note that I am working off a portable 3 burner stove that doesn't appear to have the high heat capabilities that seasoning may require.
No oven either.

So when heating for the second time I noticed the color change was more golden in color, I added what turned out to be too much oil and created a burnt oil black shiny mess on the bottom, of course going over it again and again w the paper towels dipped in veg oil. Only thickening the burnt mess.
I thought I was creating a slick seasoning surface, my research learned, I proceeded to boil, scrape, steel wool, scour pad and eventually sand the surface to get the black off. I got most of it off leaving a greyish hue to the metal in many of the grooves.

Trying a third time...I heated up the wok again, the flat area where I sanded the most turned an amber color quickly, then a hotter orange followed by a bright purple then blue...the color changes were freaky....I started to add the oil again and used ginger and scallions.....then bacon. An idea from another video. Of course stuff stuck to the sides.....I scrubbed it clean and dried it and oiled it... I realize that I was rushing things...I have looked up what I can on this subject. ...Now what should I do? I live in Ecuador so buying another is not an easy option, I waited 3wks and paid huge shipping cost to get it .I need to make this one work...Can I?????

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