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chowfreak | Apr 18, 2005 12:22 PM

I had the pleasure and displeasure of going to RUB last night. I don't care how good their food may be, but if they don't work out some issues, they are not going to succeed (nor do they deserve to). Last night, our group of 6 diners headed to RUB to check out the place, and more importantly, the BBQ. WE got there at 7, and were told it would be 30 minutes....1.5 hours later, I finally went to check on our table, and was told, "its going to be awhile.." I said, "we have been 1.5 hours already" and then they seated us. We understand its a new place with a lot of buzz, and on such a nice day, we excused the wait. Then, we found out that several menu items were already sold out (duck, babyback ribs, greens, salad, chicken)...fine again...we can live with this and will make due. It took 10 minutes to have our drink orders taken. Then, we all order: 3 people order various meat combo plates, and 2 people order the st. louis ribs (this is an important point of the story....we actually placed our order).

Then, our appetizers arrived...we split the burnt ends (delicious) and the pulled pork (good too). If the food is good, we can overlook the lack of organization/service.....we all have a drink and begin to relax. Next, our waitress shows up with 3 out of 5 entree plates, and says..."oh yeah, we are out of ribs, would you like something else?" This is when our patience ran out. Why were we just alerted to this? We understand that with b-b-q there is a finite amount of product that can come out on any give day, and realize they are still working this out, but the way this was presented to us was ridiculous. We got over it and sent in some replacement orders, and discussed with the waitress about potentially being comped one of the meals. She didn't pay much attention to us, and the night went on. Then, the bill came, and we were charged in full for everything. We asked again if we could be comped one of the two messed up orders, and our waitress said nonchallantly said "no, they won't do that." I could tell that she didn't even ask. Then, we asked for the manager......I saw our waitress brief this woman, who stomped over with an attitude and said.."what's the problem?" we explained, and her only response was..."well, did you eat?" she just kept asking.."did you eat? i don't understand the ate right?" Unbelievable....They then took the bill to "see what they could do" and decided to comp us one order of deep-fried oreos (which were terrible by the way).

Moral of the story =this place has a long way to go with regards to customer service if it thinks it will survive in this town. Yes, the bbq was generally good, but you could see that the place is a train wreck in the making. Service is a joke, they clearly can't keep up, the environs are terrible, and the management are a bunch of jerks.

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