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Roux S.O.S.!!!


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Roux S.O.S.!!!

Piglet | Sep 17, 2002 01:37 AM

I had posted a couple of days ago for roux suggestions and got a ton of helpful hints and encouragement-----and I thank you all so much! But I don't know what happened or when the downfall of my roux began!!!

I got the whole thing a stunning dark brown color (which took an HOUR of hard labor at the stove, since I was reluctant to do the 'high heat + 10 minutes' thing). I cut the heat; threw in the onions; still stirring like mad. This all incorporated together and was LOVELY as could be. Yet very thick. So I started very-slowly-adding some very hot water.

Still; everything went swimmingly well; suddenly----the water STOPPED incorporating itself into the lovely deep brown, and the entire thing 'broke' as it were. Oil separating from flour, pooling up, etc.

What happened?? Did I just add TOO much water?? Was it suddenly not hot ENOUGH??

This is the first thing I have had to TOTALLY TRASH since I don't know when!!!

How can I regain my confidence?? Where did I go wrong?? I know I can't get a decent Gumbo in Los Angeles, so give me some help!! Thanks all!

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