Which rosemary should I plant?


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Which rosemary should I plant?

CindyJ | May 8, 2014 08:33 AM

My gardening is limited to one 4' x 2' raised garden bed in which I do "square foot gardening." Most of what I plant in the bed is herbs, although I do have some peas and radishes in there now.

I bought some plants yesterday, but I think I may have bought a variety of rosemary that's more of an in-ground plant. It's Tuscan Blue Rosemary, and I've read that it can grow to be 6' tall -- much larger than I'd want for my raised planter.

So I'd like to know what varieties of rosemary are best suited for a planter in Zone 6B. I treat my herbs as annuals because our winters are usually too cold for them to survive in planters. Thanks!

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