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Rosa's - Emerson, NJ - Bad experience


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Rosa's - Emerson, NJ - Bad experience

KarmaK | Mar 19, 2010 09:20 AM

Passed this pizzeria/dining room a few times and then got a coupon in Clipper, had MD appt near there so met husband for dinner afterwards.

The dining room looked closed but an older man (manager/owner?) assured us it was opened. We walked into a big room with lots of tables, several of which had crumbs on them. We hesitated, the traffic was horrific, we were hungry, so we sat down. The manager called our server to help us several times before he actually responded.

Server (young kid, inexperienced) and the manager were confused by the stainless steel water bottle my husband had brought in with him. It was a source of confusion a few times during the evening.

We got menus, drinks, and then the server disappeared for a long time. We waited for bread. Just as we were getting ready to go to the kitchen to get him, he came out apologizing that he forgot about it. He took our orders, and 1/2 hour later came out to confirm what we ordered. There was a mix-up, my fault because I asked for tortellina alla rosa and the actual dish is alla casa, but no one noticed this for 1/2 hour. It took another 20 minutes or so to bring out my side salad, which was actually good. The tortellini ($15) and H's lasagna ($13) came out another 15 minutes later. He left all the dishes on the table.

The portions were large, but the lasagna was very salty, and blanketed with bland, oily mozzarella cheese. My tortellinis were overcooked, and the cream sauce seemed to the half-and-half poured on as an afterthought. It was thinned by the draining soggy tortellini. The shiitake mushrooms had some bite to them, as did the asparagus. The proscuitto was thick and tasteless.

We then waited for anyone to come out and see how things were. The manager came out and said "mangia", and then asked about the water bottle. Our server came out, having slathered on cologne in the meantime, and clumsily took our dinners away. He left behind the bread plates and salad plate.

We asked for the check, and handed him the coupon. The check came out 10 minutes later, the math entirely wrong, and the coupon not deducted. He couldn't figure it out, yet the manager never seemed to notice this or any of the other shoddy service we received. He finally went into the pizzeria and we could hear someone explaining how to do to the check. When we received our check, our waiter then asked us if we wanted dessert or anything. We declined, paid up walked out through the pizzeria, where the manager and our server were standing, neither of whom looked up or said thank you or even good night.

In this economy, how does this happen?

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