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ronnybrook farm yogurt

Nancy | Apr 1, 2003 09:43 AM

whole-milk yogurt is a new thing to me, and i absolutely fell in love with total a few weeks ago. but since it's kind of pricey, i thought i'd try a few cheaper alternatives.

i wonder if i'm missing something, or possibly got a bad batch...but i bought a small tub of ronnybrook yogurt at the greenmarket, and it basically has the texture of cream. i thought it would be much thicker.

i taste-tested next to brown cow, which i found to be thicker (nowhere near the thickness of total) but somewhat...chalky.

have not tried stony brook yet, since i couldn't find a plain variety in small tubs (i wanted to try each with just honey), and definitely plan to try the yogurt place.

but has anyone had a better experience with ronnybrook's yogurt? it definitely says creamline, 7g fat for 6oz of yogurt (as opposed to total's 12g for 5oz) why is it so thin?

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