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Rock, paper, cronut, townie


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Rock, paper, cronut, townie

Paprikaboy | Jul 8, 2013 09:25 AM

If I may paraphrase a cliche, when the US has a culinary sneeze, London catches a cold.
We now have Shake Shack and 5 Guys in London and a plethora of burger, rib and dog places. Obviously this is not new in the US but we are a bit slow on the uptake. Not so with the cronut. I first heard about it on Chowhound about six weeks ago and now places in London have started doing them Obviously the incubation period has become shorter.
I therefore read with interest in today's Evening Standard (nee London Evening Standard) about the Townie.Apparently we are fighting back and have created the Townie which is essentially a browinie within a tart. It has and I quote "taken the capital and America by storm".
Scepitcal as I am about media in general and the Standard in particular- it may interest you to lean that Charles Saatchi was still writing a column for the Standard despite the Nigella fruore .I was wondering if anyone across the pond has heard of the Townie or as I suspect either
(A) no one knows what I am on about? or
(B) this was already created in the US some time ago and just being sold back to gullible media types in London?

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