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Robert's Chinese banquet report.

Peter | Feb 17, 200305:36 PM

Repost. Hope you don't mind, Robert. Rice Bowl is an excellent choice. Couple of comments at the end.

Robert's report:

Wow, what a great time we had. That is of course the point of a good chinese meal, the company and the conversation, the food sets up the interaction. there were eight of us. Supposed to be ten but two flaked out on me. No problem, their loss.

Many thanks to Ricepad, Tom and Peter; your contributions were much appreciated.

After much "research" I chose Rice Bowl. I went there for dinner by myself once, and for lunch with friends once, to set it up. We ended up using Peter's notion of using the pre-set menu with some minor varitions.

Here's what we had: Chicken Bird nest soup(I wasn't sure about this one, it looked suspiciously like Fish Maw w/ Corn to me but the waiter assured us that it was "very expensive, very expensive" I didn't taste any bird's nest though, but then I've never had a bird's nest before so I really would'nt know. It sure tasted good.), Cold cut combo (Slces of ham, a cold cut that looked much like head cheese but with chinese spices, another cold cut that I think was beef, duck feet [which was very popular until my friends determined what it was at which point some of them cooled on it] and Jelly Fish which I love and was well recived by all), Squab w/ Lettuce (eaten rolled in lettuce leaves with plum sauce, excellent), Honey Walnut Prawns (everybody loved them), Black Mushrooms w/ sea cucumber (the mushrooms went fast but when the veterinarian in attendence mentioned "a sort of ocean slug" everybody chilled out on it pretty quickly), Steamed Lobster with Noodles (how do you cut it like that?), Peking Duck (Delicious, the skin was crispy and wonderful), Baked Seabass (they didn't have a whole fish so two dishes were substituted for this miss [a fish dish and a chicken dish, both wonderful]) and Sauteed Seafood w/ Chives (solid eating served with chosin, it was a favorite). We were served dessert too. It was a plate of cookies and cold soup of simple sugar syrup with papaya and white mushroom. It was excellent.

Again thanks to all for helping me set this up. I felt very comfortable with the menu and my friends were confident that I knew what I was doing. Lord know's why. :)

Thanks again. Robert

Comments: Bird's nest is indeed very expensive. It has no taste, or it tastes like chicken, probably from the chicken stock used to cook this soup. I kind of doubt that they put too much bird's nest into this soup.

Sea cucumber is also a high end item. It may look ugly and feel slimy, but it's supposedly good for you, health-wise.

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