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Roasted Vermicelli?


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Roasted Vermicelli?

Soopling | Nov 10, 2003 05:35 PM

I was in my neighborhood Indian grocery, and came across a table of "Roasted Vermicelli" on sale. The product being sold were these extremely thin noodles, much finer than angel hair pasta, almost as thin as human hair even (I've never seen it that thin). The noodles were maybe a foot long and then bent in a U-shape, like a half-formed birds nest. It was so delicate that many of the packages were crackling with broken vermicelli bits when I picked them up. They were being sold at four for a dollar, so I bought two; it was so cheap, I figured why not?

The packaging indicates that it is a product of Pakistan, but doesn't give any other indication of its usages or any cooking techniques. I think boiling it like regular pasta would completely destroy it. So, can anyone help? Is anyone familiar with this product?

Thanks in advance!


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