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Roasted garlic - where am I going wrong?


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Roasted garlic - where am I going wrong?

fldhkybnva | Jan 14, 2013 06:21 PM

I have recently developed a potentially unhealthy obsession with roasted garlic. I have been roasting it regularly but the process has been more difficult than most seem to suggest. While the additional effort is quite worth the final process as it's not that strenuous, I just wonder perhaps there are simple things that I can change to make it less of a chore.

The issues:
1. It seems to take much longer than the recommended times - at 450F it usually takes upwards of 60-90 minutes. I have an oven thermometer so the set temperature is accurate so I don't think it's a matter of a too cold oven. I have attached a picture of my usual final product. I assume you should roast them until well-browned all over as in the image or should they be less dark?

2. Most advice suggests that you can simply squeeze the bulb to remove the cloves but that never has worked for me. Either I end up with tons of garlic clove paper pieces in my pile of cloves or the cloves simply do not budge. I have somewhat remedied this issue and now just use a fork to scoop out the cloves but even that is somewhat difficult at times and requires a good tug or several per clove.

3. In general, I use it as a paste to rub on meats but smashing usually requires a good while of work with a fork on a plate and I always seem to have good sized chunks which are resistant to adopting a new life in paste form.

Does anyone have any suggestions for any of these issues?

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