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Roaring Forties Blue - Product Launch?


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Roaring Forties Blue - Product Launch?

BabyLitigator | Jun 12, 2005 04:00 PM

So last night I had Roaring Forties Blue recommended to me by a third cheese place (one in Cambridge, two in L.A.). I happen to be a big fan of the stuff; great balance of nuttiness and creaminess, at a price point lower than the good European blues, but I find it kinda weird that three consecutive places have recommended it on a very short list of cheeses (and the most recent place didn't even have it; they just recommended it).

Is there some sort of new push from King Island? Is the cheese new and just getting discovered? Does it have a higher margin? This isn't meant as criticism; it's just a bit odd, and I was wondering if anyone might know why it seems suddenly popular (then again, it might be my imagination). thanks.

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