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A ? about roaches and restaurants


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A ? about roaches and restaurants

Mark M | Mar 28, 2001 04:52 PM

Last nite while dining in a very popular nyc restaurant a cockroach crawled across the wall next to my companions shoulder....not a particularly pleasant experience. We discretely stepped away from our table, called over the closest restaurant employee (a busboy) and he disposed of the critter into a linen napkin. We had not received our entrees yet and decided to stay and finish our meals. On my way out (after paying), I whispered into the maitre d's ear what had happened.

Having never worked in the restaurant business, I can only imagine how difficult it must be to keep creepy critters out of kitchens and dining areas. Being a native ny'er I also acknowledge our city's substantial rodent/insect problems. That being said, I dine out just about every nite and have only run into this situation once before (mom and pop place - i walked out b/f ordering). Im even more surprised (maybe unjustly so) for this to occur at a "high-end" restaurant.

A ? for those of you in the business; Was this a bad luck incident that could happen in any restaurant or is a roach in the dining area generally indicative of a larger cleanliness problem?

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