RIP Le Creuset 9Q DO

kaleokahu | Nov 13, 201102:41 PM

Well, this morning I discovered that an ECI DO boiled dry craters faster than I thought...

Actually, it was the DW who mistakenly turned on the wrong hob, on which sat my empty 9Q and walked away. She was trying to boil water in a *different* pan.

The experience was instructive in a few ways. First, I got what I've been asking for now for some time (the excuse to buy a thick copper one in similar size), although I'd hoped to resell the LC. Second, it is a good lesson in kitchen management--never "store" a pan on a cooktop. Third, and most interesting to me, was the pattern of the enamel failure--it was a perfect correspondence with the resistive coil. When I say perfect, I mean that the enamel raised and turned snow white in a slightly off-center circle the precise size of the coil. 2mm outside the coil--all around--the enamel was still perfect! While painful to have to throw out a $$ pan for carelessness, I think it's an indelible real-world example of how lousy a conductor of heat cast iron is.

RIP LC. Well, HELLO THERE, Ms. Gaillard...


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