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Richmond – Pacific East Mall - 168 Restaurant, stinky tofu & Taiwanese buns

rworange | May 13, 200710:27 AM     26

Part 2 of my little trip to Pacific East Mall … getting tips for the restaurants I plan to visit.

So how’s the stinky tofu?” What about the xlb?

This restaurant specializes in Taiwanese snacks and main dishes.

Lots of good discussion about the food in previous threads though they are from a few years ago and there was mention that they've had 2 owners in 5 years. How’s the food currently?

Here’s a 2002 review from the Chronicle which writes of this supposedly SOCAL chain with a restaurant in Las Vegas and Seattle … tho I’m not finding much mention of that on the web …


“Although the menu is a mishmash of cooking styles, a section is devoted to Taiwanese-style dishes … Many have a long-simmered, stewlike feel, including sesame oil chicken … The dishes come to the table in a Sterno- fired pedestal, which keeps golf-ball-size chunks of chicken simmering in a subtle, golden sauce of wine, broth and sesame oil that is nice soaked up with green onion pancakes … or a thick radish rice cake.”

Some of the menu items that I’m considering …

Taiwanese pork buns which are made from noodles, not bread
On choi with fermented bean curd ... are we talking stinky tofu?
Chicken with three special spices in an iron pot. Nice Chron description
Pork, squid or shrimp potage … what’s potage?
Din Ben Tsouh ???
Goose meat noodles soup
Don que duck
Oyster soup
Four Treasures soup in Taiwan Style ... tripe is involved
Preserved Chinese cabbage with lamb casserole
Wine chicken soup … $22 … why so much?
Stewed pork with dried pickled cabbage
Orange red beef … what would this be?
Smoked chicken or smoked fish
Savory seaweed or savory jelly fish
Three flavor chao mo mien with soup … what is this?
Sweet logan soup

Here’s an old Chowhound report that has good detail on a lot of menu items …. spicy tripe, tea smoked duck, jelly fish and radish and tofu thread noodles, xlb, pan fried pork buns, house special leek cake, sesame chicken, sacha beef noodles, oyster omelette, shrimp roll and chicken roll, sticky rice pot, taiwan meat ball, fish ball, pork gua bao, sesame ginger kidneys.

Not everything in that list was a success (skip the kidneys) but the poster liked most of the items especially the Taiwan meatball …

“Taiwan meat ball. this is probably the best version the bay area … steamed thick rice skin with bamboo, sliced pork and mushroom fillings. the skin was very light and chewy and the filling very flavorfull. and they dress it with both a soy and sweet garlic sauce.”

Again this is an old report, so any current opions would be welcome.

They have an interesting list of juices and drinks like banana juice, peanut juice, green been juice, passion fruit jelly with red tea and lemon jelly with sweet plum green tea to name a few. Lunch specials come with iced jasmine green tea. The above poster wrote ..

“started with some fresh juice. the ones with milk are highly recommended, especially the papaya and milk which is a classic. mango juice was excellent cause they used real mangos and nothing else”

This Chowhound report says …

“the food was amazing. The chicken reminded me of popcorn chicken. Little bite-sized pieces that you can just pop in your mouth. Salty with a nice peppery kick, and extremely addictive”

There are some other comments and a few posters liked the salt and pepper scallops a lot.

The next thread has a good description of the zhajiang noodles, shengjian bao (pan fried buns) and scallion pancakes … “Here it is done medium thin and crispy, but could use a little more green onion flavor. It was better than the one I got recently at Lily's House in Lafayette”


Someone said the shaved ice was also quite good (finely shaved snowy texture), Suggestions? With or without condensed milk? I’m thinking peanut shaved ice with condensed milk.

I’m definitely getting the Taiwanese buns but undecided about what else to order so suggestions would be very much appreciated. I’m kind of considering the stinky tofu because I’ve never tried that. I’ve read it is a mild version, so it might be a good first try.

168 Restaurant

3288 Pierce St., Ste A109
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 558-9168


Daily 11 am – 11:30 pm

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